Node JS developer salary in India | How Much salary for Node js developer in Hindi | Node js salary


let's talk about Node developer salary in India if you want to understand what is the salary of Node developer in India then you need to consider some of the factors that this factor affecting Node developer salary.

Node developer salary depends upon the location. location is a very important factor if you want to talk about Node developer salary so if you live in the Bangalore or Hyderabad Mumbai, Pune then in that place as you will find that your salary package will be a bit high but if you will talk about the salary package apart from this city so in the various cities in India you will get maybe get less package like very very fewer packages to depend upon the location.

since it also depends upon the competition if there will be a lot of companies available at that particular location then competition will be high where you would expect more.

so in other cities, if you talk about the salary if less company are available there is less competition then where you can expect a very low salary and some of the smaller companies are also not providing the good salary package so the salary also depends upon your company CEO in which company you are working on.

then all these things are also a factor basically apart from that's why it is level how much experience you have a lot of experience and good skill then definitely your demand will be higher and you will get more salary package so all this factor are affecting the salary so let's talk about in which city and.


So to understanding the salary in the detail you can watch the video actually this video is in Hindi but I hope that you understand Hindi because I am talking about salary in India so you don't know Hindi 10 just comment me on that particular video I will make an English version so that you guys can understand very well.


Actually I make the video based on my research I find out the various sites companies and some of the colleagues parents who is living at that particular location and after researching and doing RND all this thing then I decided to provide you the better the salary package which is really company is providing the people so all these things are based on my research so so I would like to suggest that please watch the video till the end so that you can understand all these things in a better way this will this will be a better approach to understand all these think otherwise it is very difficult to talk about today date and format but still I am talking with you after watching the video mix your describe it is very very important because I am working hard for you guys but if you're not subscribed and video will not come to you if you don't want video then you can turn off the bell icon but make sure you subscribe because this will give me a some motivation and definitely I will get motivated and make in you Lord for video for you based on the research and so alright let's go to the YouTube channel and enjoy the content and comment me and you can also connect with me to the WhatsApp link where you can ask any of the cost and definitely I will help you for sure.



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