How to setup SSL certificate in free using Cloudflare for amazon AWS hosting and GoDaddy domain

Here we are trying to give the process of activating sll certificate in free in your site is hosted on amazon AWS.

setup  for Amazon  AWS using  Route53

What is Cloudflare:

Cloudflare provides a content delivery network (CDN) services, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services, etc.

Cloudflare’s services are middleware for the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for your websites. 

Cloudflare’s service is free and paid also you can choose as per the requirement

Before configuring on Cloudflare, you should be your website, DNS registered you may say from GoDaddy and AWS Route53 as a hosted zone.

Please follow the following step to complete the setup

  • Sign up using your email on the Cloudflare site.
  • Add your website hostname.
  • Select a (free website) plan for your website and click continue.
  • Once the plan is selected, the next page will automatically retrieve the NS records from Route53 and provide an equivalent Cloudflare NS record.
  • Copy the Cloudflare equivalent NS records and go to your domain name registrar, which may take you to the next page(status pending till the change is complete at the DNS provider side or where you bought your hostname for example GoDaddy).
  • then go to your domain name registrar like (GoDaddy) to edit the NS records. Manage DNS / change the custom DNS to the newly generated NS records as copied previously. You can edit the existing records and replace with these or delete the existing NS records and add these Cloudflare equivalent NS records and save.
  • Once the NS records are updated and saved in the DNS provider side, it may take couple minutes or instantly for the Cloudflare status to change to Active, even though the description of Cloudflare says Allow up to 24 hours but it can take instantly. Once the status is changed, you will find your website name status as Active and your site will be secure.
  • That’s all required, to make your site registered at Cloudflare. Now on Cloudflare will act as a proxy between User & Route53 hosted zones and serve the visitor. You can refresh your website to start Cloudflare to serve the content.
  • Now you can enable a free feature SSL encryption for your website, make sure SSL certificate is active before updating your site address to https to give your users secure access.SSL activation may take some time or even hours. Wait till you see Crypto → SSL Certificate Active. You can change your site url to start with or redirect to https instead of http.

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