How to generate high return in stock market

How to generate high return in stock market

15 Important Points for Long term Investor

  1. If the market is bullish and most of the stock is making an all-time high then select the stock which is making 52 weeks and all-time high
  2. If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, do not even think about owning it for 10 minutes.
  3. Select the stock which is debt-free or almost debt-free or net profit is increasing with debt
  4. Don’t time the market however always check the technical analysis before investing
  5. Don't do intraday or Future Option Trading without proper understanding
  6. Diversify stock with at least 9 stock with at least 3 different sector
  7. Stop! Too many stocks, Buying too many may not get you more
  8. Always check the Quarter result if it is negative then replace it with another good stock
  9. Future-oriented stock
  10. Avoid penny stock
  11. Categorize the Breakout Progress
  12. Will you need the money within 10 years?
  13. Reinvest your dividends?
  14. Does the business grow organically?
  15. Is management focused on growing quickly, or at a steady pace?


If you are tracking the stock market regularly then you can generate better profit than a long term investor.
Stock market tips based on my experience

Condition 1:

  • The stock which you like and ready to hold for the long term (around 10 years)
  1. Don’t buy the stock at RSI and money flow index more than 71 .

  2. Sell the stock if RSI coming down to 70 , macd sell signal triggered and support level break . 

  3. After selling the stock as per the history fall , Place GTT order.

  4. Always prefer Mid cap high growth stock

  5. Don’t sell the stock in loss and do’t placed stop loss


Condition 2:

  • If you don’t like stock and don’t ready to hold for long term.
  1. Prefer large and mid cap stock.

  2. You can buy the stock with small stop loss as per your risk ratio.

  3. Use trailing stop loss.

  4. Book the profit if trailing stop loss hits.

  5. Book the profit if RSI coming down to 70 , macd sell signal triggered and support level break .